Pay your Unishippers bill in 3 simple steps

Melio makes it easier and faster to pay bills online - for any of your vendors.
Pay bills online
Step 1

Add a bill or just pay

Sign up & choose your biller to pay. Import a bill or create it yourself. You can also pay without a bill.
Step 2

Choose a payment method

Pay via ACH bank transfer or card. Your biller will receive the funds by bank transfer or check.
Step 3

Decide how your biller gets paid

Pick when money is debited from your account and when the biller receives the payment.

Why our customers love Melio.

"I needed software like Melio that can help me speed up the process of the payment delivery as well as offer the possibility of using a credit card, in order to have more cash flow”
Stanislav Nikolov, Founder & CEO