Pay your Priority1 bill in 3 simple steps

Melio makes it easier and faster to pay bills online - for any of your vendors.
Pay bills online
Billers getting paid easily with Melio
Step 1

Add the bill you want to pay

Business owners add the bill they want to pay
Sign up & take a photo of the bill with your phone. You can also upload a file, add the bill manually or import from QuickBooks.
Step 2

Choose a payment method

Business owners choose their preferred payment method
Pay via ACH bank transfer, absolutely free. You can also choose to keep your cash and pay by credit card.
Step 3

Decide how your biller gets paid

Business owners decide how the biller gets paid
Pick if you want us to deposit funds in the vendor’s bank account via ACH or send them a check. Whatever you choose, we’ll make sure they get paid.
Why our customers love Melio.
Daniel Bendjy, General Manager of Rangoon
Why our customers love Melio.
“Melio has saved us time and headaches. We are now on top of payments to our vendors. Everything is scheduled ahead of time!”
Daniel Bendjy, General Manager of Rangoon