Speed up your payment process.
Pay all your business bills anytime, any way.

With Melio, you can pay for your electric, wifi, phone, rent, suppliers, vendors and more - all in the same place. Just a few clicks and your bill pay is done.
Pay bills online
Billers getting paid easily with MelioBillers getting paid easily with Melio

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Find your biller.

How it works.

Step 1

Find your biller

Sign up & pay them–you don’t need to add a bill. You can pay other vendors by adding them yourself.
Step 2

Choose a payment method

Pay via ACH bank transfer. Or choose card so you can hold onto cash longer.
Step 3

Schedule your payment

No need to look up your biller’s payment info–we’ve got you covered! Schedule your payment and you’re good to go.

Get all the benefits of paying your bills with Melio.

Hold onto cash longer.

Pay your business bills by credit card (2.9% fee) — even where cards aren’t accepted. Your vendors get paid on time, but you only pay when your credit card bill is due.

Total payment flexibility.

Choose how you pay and how your biller gets paid. When you send and receive ACH bank transfers on Melio, it’s always free.

Work with your accounting software.

Connect your QuickBooks Online account to create an easier workflow. Do all your payments in one place and keep your books up to date — automatically.

Why businesses choose Melio to pay their bills.

“We are able to expedite payments 2-3 times quicker than before, and more importantly, eliminate costly inefficiencies traditionally involved in our industry.”
Shabsie Levy - Founder & CEO of Shifl
Shabsie Levy
Founder & CEO of shifl
“Melio has enabled us to work and handle payments remotely. It normally would take an hour at least to pay bills. With Melio it takes about 15 minutes.”
Ryan Looper - Director, De Maison East
Ryan Looper
Director, De Maison East
“I needed software like Melio that can help me speed up the whole process of the payment delivery as well as offer the possibility of using a credit card, in order to have more cash flow for the company.”
Stanislav Nikolov - Founder & CEO of SPN EVENTS
Stanislav Nikolov
Founder & CEO of SPN EVENTS


What bills can I pay for with Melio?
You can pay for any business expense like: wifi, phone bill, office furniture, utilities, rent, suppliers, contractors, taxes, accounting expenses and insurance.
How do I add a bill to Melio?
Pay your business bills anytime, anywhere with easy bill capture. There are a few ways to add a bill: Take a photo, upload a file, sync with your accounting software, or forward bills to your Melio Pay inbox.
How do I pay bills online with my credit card?
With Melio, you can pay by credit card, even where cards aren’t accepted.* You can get your bills paid on time but defer payment until your next billing cycle. This means more cash on hand for your business (and more points!).
Does Melio work with accounting software?
Yes it does! Connect Melio with QuickBooks Online or Xero to save time and eliminate double data entry. It's also completely free and takes about a minute.
Is paying bills on Melio safe?
Your security is our top priority. Melio uses secure technology and is PCI compliant so that your money is always protected and your sensitive data is never stored.